Live Stream of the OLM Sunday Mass in English


OLM celebrates Sunday Mass at 11:00.
Please follow our guidelines:
1) A face mask is required to attend Mass.
2) Gloves are not necessary, there will be available disinfecting gel at the entrance. Please use it.
3) Wipe your shoes on the special disinfecting doormat at the entrance.
4) Please enter by the main door only (on the corner of Mauricio Legendre and José Vasconcelos)
5) Maintain social distancing (some pews will be roped off)
6) Please receive Holy Communion in the hand (without a glove)
7) The collection will be taken up at the end of Mass by the exit.
8) The capacity of the church is limited to 30% currently, around 150 people. 36 parishioners have registered so far.
9) Send an email to with the number of your family members that are planning to attend on the upcoming Sunday.
10) You are still dispensed from attending Sunday Mass. You are encouraged to pray with us as we will now livestream our Mass on Youtube.
11) Confessions are best done by appointment (91-733-94-09) although a priest will strive to be available on Sundays before and after Mass in the parish offices. You must wear a face mask in confession.
12) Please sign up for the newsletter to keep informed of future changes.
13) Please smile, even though under a mask.

Due to the COVID19, we have lost a great deal of income, please make a donation to support your church. We are also committed to assisting our parishioners in need, if you would like to make a donation:, here are the bank details:
(tax deductible if you pay Spanish taxes and provide our treasurer your DNI number)
Account holder:
Bank Details: IBAN: ES07.0186.5001.64.0511473809
Bank Name: Banco Mediolanum

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Welcome to our parish!

Hello and welcome to the web site of Our Lady of Mercy, the only official English-speaking Catholic parish in Madrid. Our mission is to provide the English-speaking Christians of Madrid with the ability to worship God in their mother tongue. We have people from all over the world and our parish is a family.

We hope you can find the information you are looking for on this site. If you come to Madrid, we hope you will join our community for Sunday liturgy. We hope you will “Come and see.” (John 1:39)

May God bless you,

Fr. Ron