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Guide: Fr Alex

Father took us through the document giving us insights on Pope John Paul II’s vision of Mother Mary as protector and the mosaic that marks the spot of the vision in St Peter’s square. The image has two captions.The first is Totus Tuus (all yours), John Paul II’s motto, from a book of St Louis Grignon de Montfort. The second is “Mother of the Church”

The Encyclical offers much insight, however, the discussion highlighted three important points:

“The Annunciation” is an opportunity for faith to join our will and intellect. When we do, we receive God’s grace allows us to encounter him and live out our vocation. Like Mary, she gives her total self to God and in return she is “full of grace” because God acknowledges the goodness in her, and it is a recognition of who she is in salvation history–a vessel prepared to receive Christ.
“The Pieta” is the reality of Mary’s vocation. As a mother, she witnessed the brutality of her son’s passion and by holding him reminds us the depths of a mother’s love. This closeness binds her to him. She becomes a mother to us all.
In “Pentecost” we receive new life in the resurrection and the Holy Spirit gives us gifts to go out and preach the Gospel. Now, Mary moves from being the receiver of the message to going out and being the messenger. All Christians are called to imitate Mary’s closeness and faithfulness so that we can hold Christ in our hearts and preach the Gospel.

One of our participants talked about how it is our mission to learn languages to spread the Word. Another shared her experience of how French brought her closer to Mother Mary. A spirited discussion followed on intercession, apostles, saints, heaven, iconography and other insights into faith across different cultures.

The presentation is available here.

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