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In a moving ceremony held in Madrid’s San Francisco de Borja parish, six Jesuits embarked on a new journey as they were ordained deacons. The occasion was graced by the presence of Cardinal Archbishop José Cobo Cano, and was a celebration of commitment and spiritual dedication, attended by family, friends, and members of the religious community. The ordination drew participants from across the globe, underscoring the universal call to service that defines the Jesuit mission.

A unique highlight of the ceremony was the enriching contribution of the music ministry from Our Lady of Mercy parish. Their choir, alongside the Ignatian choir of Madrid, infused the event with a transcendent atmosphere, bridging languages and cultures through the universal language of music. This musical accompaniment was a testament to the unifying power of faith and the joyous celebration of new beginnings in the church’s life. Through their voices, the choirs of Our Lady of Mercy and the Ignatian community in Madrid brought to life the ceremony’s message of hope, service, and global fellowship.