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Congratulations! You are hanging in there, God willing, we are coming to a close to our confinement. I hope you are doing well. I am attaching the Sunday resources for you, if you would like to enhance your Sunday prayer.
I also recommend Bishop Barron as a great Sunday Mass homilist.
I want to thank you for your donations on behalf of the struggling families of our parishes. We have disbursed all the monies and many people are praying that God will bless you. On a personal note, I know so many of you, and it really touches my heart to see how you “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF!” 
On a sadder note, I ask for your prayers for Elizabeth Franco’s mother who passed away from the Coronavirus. She was in a residence and was one of many elderly victims of this dreaded virus. Elizabeth could not even say a proper goodbye. Join me in offering a Hail Mary for Elizabeth, her mother, and her family.
The end is near! Thank God,
Stay strong and blessed,
Fr. Ron
Have You Heard About These Cats?

Have you heard about . . .

– the angry cat? She threw a hissy fit.

– the grumpy cat? He was a sour puss.

– the silent cat? She was the victim of a purr snatcher.

– the psychic cat? He was adopted from the E.S.P.C.A.

– the sensitive cat? She cried over spilt milk.

– the dyslexic cat? He cried, “Woem, weom!”

– the cat who had eight kittens? She was an octopus.

– the cowardly felines? Their names were Scaredy and Fraidy.

– the cat who swallowed a duck? He was a down-in-the-mouth, duck-filled fatty puss.

– the cat who had a hair ball? She couldn’t hack it.

– the cat who was a comedian? His name was Groucho Manx.

– the old cat who became forgetful and stopped making any sounds? She developed a purr-senility disorder.

– the golf-playing cat? Even without a catty he consistently scored fur under purr.

– the adolescent cat? She pleaded with her parents, “Why don’t you let me lead one of my own lives?”

– the cat who liked to lounge around the stereo? He hoped to catch the tweeter for lunch, unless the woofer got him first.

– the cat who got hurt? She whimpered, “Me ow!”

– the cat who was walking the beach on Christmas Eve? He had Sandy Claws.

– the cat who ate some cheese and then sat by a mouse hole? She waited with baited breath.

– the radioactive cat? He had eighteen half-lives.

– the cat who chased a mouse through the screen door? They both strained themselves.

– the cat who robbed McDonald’s and Wendy’s? She was a cat burgerlar.

– the cat named Ben Hur? It used to be called Ben, until it had kittens.

– the cat who caught a bird? He enjoyed a breakfast of shredded tweet.

– the fast cat? She put quicksand in her litter box.

– the cat who tried to find out why his humans forgot to place cat litter in his box? He didn’t have anything to go on.

– the teeny-tiny cat? She drank only condensed milk.

– the cat who loved to bowl? He was an alley cat.

– the cat who married a tree? They had a catalog.

– the cat who climbed the drapes? She had good claws to do it – and she started from scratch.

– the cat with chutzpah? He was a pushy cat.

– the cat who swallowed a bag of coins? There was money in that kitty.

– the obese, ill-tempered, talkative cat? He was a flabby, crabby, gabby tabby.

– the mother cat looking for her straying kittens? Like a poet, she listened for their mews.

– the feline who impeded the iceman’s work? The cat got his tong.

– the baby cat who joined the Red Cross? She wanted to be a first-aid kit.

– the two cats who raced each other to the milk bowl? One beat the other by a lap.

– the kindle of cats named Johann Christian, Wilhelm Friedemann, Johann Sebastian, and Carl Philipp Emanuel? They were all born in a litter Bachs.

– the man who was afraid of cats? He had catatonia, clawstrophobia, and purranoia.

– the woman who refused to spay and neuter her cats? She was arrested for kitty littering.

– the man who saw a sign at a pet store that said “Free Cats”? So he went in and did.