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Spring has sprung and we are finally enjoying some good weather in Madrid. Although they are predicting rain for Sunday, so it will be a good day to go to church! Fr. Ron will preside and preach.
Next Sunday is the second Sunday of the month, so we appreciate your donation of food for the struggling families of our parish. We can always use milk, oil(olive or sunflower), juices, canned meats and fish. Thanks for reaching out!
By the way, some have asked me how many Spanish parishioners regularly use the technologies I mentioned in last Sunday’s homily. It was as I predicted, much less than half the congregation. Different worlds!
And let us continue with our expanded sign of peace. We will sting sing our song of peace but also give a “nod of peace” to those around us, OK? Nods should be safe!
This Saturday Fr. Ron will attend the priestly ordination of Bernabé Rico, he was the wonderful English-speaking seminarian who spoke to us about 3 years ago.  Please keep Bernabé and all the deacons in your prayers.
That’s about it for now,
Be blessed and thankful,
Fr. Ron

Puns to practice your English.
A man dressed up as a baby horse, and made a complete foal of himself.

I wanted to buy a half a rabbit, but the butcher didn’t want to split hares.

I have kleptomania. When it gets bad I take something for it.
I wanted to learn how to make ice-cream, so I started attending sundae school.

The trouble with skunks is that they don’t have common scents.

Cardboard belts are a waist of paper.