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I am sorry that I am getting distracted lately. I forgot to mention last week that because of the new COVID19 restrictions, we will no longer be serving coffee and pastries in the fellowship room. There is a limit of 10 persons for social gatherings (that doesn’t apply to Mass however). You can still gather in small groups of 3 or 4 in or around the parish offices as people did yesterday, but try to maintain the social distancing and also always wear your mask.
We need to adapt to the new situation as it evolves.
Also, you heard me pray for the people who suffer mental illness yesterday, and it was no coincidence that a mentally ill lady had just entered the church. We have a good group of parishioners who watch out for your safety and I want to thank them for their quick action. She was harmless in the end but you never know.
A few words about the month of August. It is a terrible time for beggars, thieves, and the mentally ill. I was celebrating the Spanish Mass at 12:30 and a young Spanish man nonchalantly entered the sacristy. Fr. Sebastian saw him and entered in after him. Then the same lie always comes: I was looking for the bathroom. Well, David also came to help Fr. Sebastian and they asked him to return anything he may have stolen. He denied stealing anything. However, I purposely leave a tin filled with old and worthless coins in the sacristy. (people give them to us in the collection – old pesetas, French Francs, Venezuelan coins, etc.). He stole that tin and went running away with his 3 kilo treasure. (Chinking away as he ran). What a disappointment it must have been to him to see all his cunning and planning and risk ended up with a big fat NOTHING!
So, please be aware of people that look suspicious. Please especially do not give anything to the Gypsies that beg. If you do so, they cause us a great problem because they will feel it is their “spot” and others fight for it. We help every worthy person in the neighbourhood with San Dámaso Caritas, OK? Please, never give these people coins. You are hurting them and the church because we need to help them for the long term. Report the gypsies to me or David Franklin.
We will have an August 14 Assumption Day Mass at 11:00 AM, please join us and show devotion to the Blessed Mother. If you have the time, please say a prayer for my 90 year old mother who just had a very delicate surgery. I would appreciate it. Her name is Rose.
I think that is all, I hope your week is blessed in abundance,
FR. Ron
Customer at a counter of a lawn ornament shop:

“Give me four of those pinwheels, two of those pink flamingos, two of the sunflowers, and one of those bent-over grandma in bloomers.”

Cashier’s reply:

“That’ll be eight dollars for the pinwheels, ten dollars for the flamingos, six dollars for the sunflowers, and an apology to my wife!”