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Hello again, hope your week is going well. I wanted to thank those of you who made offerings of food last Sunday for the struggling families of our parish. We would be appreciative of your offerings all Sundays in Lent. It is a great way to do alms-giving.
Fr. Sebastian has gotten in touch with me and has some challenges in India (Some of his family members have the Coronavirus) and will be staying an additional 10 days. We keep him and his family in our prayers. Please be patient with Fr. Ron as he has been doing double duty during this busy period.
For our British parishioners, and if you know someone who has been affected by Brexit, I have attached an official guide that was sent to me from he British Consulate in Madrid. I hope it helps, and sorry if it doesn’t apply to you.
Fr. Ron will preach and preside this Sunday. Thanks again to Alex for upgrading our Internet, we should have higher quality streaming! Gracias Alex!
Just to remind you, we have Stations of the cross every Friday at 8:00 PM in English led by our seminarian William.
Also, here is the information about our Lenten online prayer group:
The OLM Prayer Group is a monthly online event, on the last Tuesday of each month, from 8-9 pm. Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, we would hope to eventually move the group to the Church, but for the time being we will stick to online. The first one will take place on Tuesday 9th March. If you would like to join and/or have some questions please get in touch with Judy MacInnes at this email address: at gmail dot com 

And if you are still here: An oldie but a goodie:
The Preacher
A preacher was riding his bicycle down the street when he noticed a little boy standing in a yard next to the curb with a lawn mower. He asked the little fellow what he was doing, to which the little fellow replied, “I want to sell this mower so I can buy a bicycle.”

The preacher said, “Well son I need a lawn mower and I have this bicycle. Maybe we can work out a trade. Why don’t you ride my bicycle around the block and see what you think about it?”

The little boy went around the block and when he returned the preacher was sitting on the curb red faced and out of breath. The preacher said, “I have pulled on this rope since you left and I can’t get this thing to start.”

The little boy softly said, “You have to cuss.”

The preacher replied, “I haven’t cussed in so long I have forgotten how.”

The little boy replied, “if you pull on that rope long enough you will remember.”