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I was going to say that we have planned a “normal” Sunday this weekend, but “normal” is a relative concept nowadays.
1) The snow is gone, you can park in the streets easily! That’s good! 
2) The weather will be better so we can open up windows and have more than adequate ventilation.
3) Fr. Ron is preaching and presiding.
4) Our disinfection team will scrupulously sanitize the church between Masses, as always.
Last week we were surprised to see a good number of people at all the Masses, in spite of the snow. It seems as though people are being nourished by the Eucharist celebrated in community.
Yes, we plan on streaming the Mass for those who cannot make it. By the way, the streamed version of the Mass can also be viewed after the Mass has been celebrated on our Youtube channel. I am somewhat surprised that some OLM parishioners are not taking advantage of this option. The volunteers (Alex and Janet) work diligently to get this up and running and, also, I think the music itself is worth the view. They help me to pray! The Mass is never too long and it should help you feel connected to your parish.
Here is the channel: please click here to see previous masses (and other content).
I noticed that other European English parishes get many more hits than we do. Maybe we (Or I) am doing something wrong? Please, do suggest our Mass option to your friends and family. This option takes a lot of effort, and we need to feel is it being appreciated. If this proves to be a long term necessity, we would need to make further financial investments (in cameras, and set up helps).
This Sunday the topic of the homily is “What if?” 
OK, a bit longer of an email.
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Be well, and stay safe!
Fr. Ron

Pizza Coupon
Dispatching her ten-year-old son to pick up a pizza, my sister handed him money and a two-dollar coupon.

Later he came home with the pizza and the coupon. When asked to explain, he replied, “Mom, I had enough money. I didn’t need the coupon.”