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As they say in Spanish, poco a poco. Even though the government did not approve Phase 1 for Madrid, they have decided to allow us to gather together for Mass STARTING MONDAY.
Thanks to David, Esmeralda, Emeka, and the priests of San Dámaso/OLM, the church is ready for daily Mass. I will attach some photos at the end.
I will soon attach our protocol for opening on Sunday May 24. We will abide by all the regulations and I will ask you to read them carefully. I will not attach them now as something may come up during the week.
Here is the playlist for this Sunday: (thank you Elke)
I want to give you two things to help you this Sunday. A prayer, and a “feel good video” – I think it will be more uplifting than a homily. Enjoy!
We’ll meet again soon,
praying for you, please pray for me,
Fr. Ron

Prayers for the Pandemic: for those who are anxious
God of Gethsemane,
who knew deep anxiety,
the desire for the cup to be taken away,
your sweat dropping onto the clay of earth like blood,
be with those who suffer at this time
from anxiety, the fear of their world
running out of control.The facts alone
fan the embers of anxiety
in all of us: the grim daily numbers,
the fear of falling ill, of facing our end.
In our loneliest darkness,
in the night of our Gethsemane,
may we find you there.

In a beautiful and heartfelt rendition of ‘We’ll Meet Again,’ singer Katherine Jenkins performed this timeless classic, with the help of people from all over Great Britain.


Photos of the church.