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The weeks seem to go by real fast for me, so I decided to get this email out sooner, rather than later.


I wanted to formally welcome Lucille Galleli and Ian Farrington to the Our Lady of Mercy Parish Council! The Council has been very proactive lately and we ask God to guide and bless these wonderful and committed parishioners.


I will preside and preach on Sunday. We have a special Mass intention requested by Edna Mamayson. She has lost too many loved ones and her heart is aching. So, we pray for the deceased loved ones of Edna, especially for Girlie who passed away under tragic circumstances recently.


You will also hear us praying weekly for Fatima in the prayers of the sick. She is a parishioner who is battling cancer and asks us to accompany her as she undergoes chemotherapy.


Elke has passed on a great idea by choir member Nancy Franklin:

From now on, instead of silence,  we will sing for the Sign of Peace just a few lines from “This Is Our Cry”. We´d only sing once:

This  is our cry

This is our cry

Peace in the world

Peace in the World


This will be a new OLM tradition! (at least during COVID times).


On Sunday, we will celebrate in a simple joyful manner the First Communion of Druv and Darshita. They made their First Confession last Friday and are very excited to celebrate their First Eucharist. I will show you a photo and I am sure you can see us smile under the masks! In honour of the celebration, I include a Confession funny below.


Be blessed in abundance and don’t let the bug bug you too much!

Sins of Omission

A Sunday School teacher asked her class, “Does anyone here know what we mean by sins of omission?”

A small girl replied: “Aren’t those the sins we should have committed, but didn’t?”