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I wonder if you feel the same tension that I do. On the one hand, the spreading of the Coronavirus is alarming and yet, on the other hand, we need to learn to live with it. Well, we are doing our best at Our Lady of Mercy and we thank God that we can still gather (albeit cautiously) to worship.
Just so you know, we had room for at least 50 more parishioners last Sunday without reaching our legal occupancy limit. I will continue to keep you updated on the numbers and I thank the ushers for having counted the people.
This Sunday Fr. Michael will be presiding and preaching.
I realize that it is difficult to see me after Mass, but I am available in the office area. If the waiting area becomes crowded, please feel free to move to one of the adjacent classrooms. Let’s respect the social distancing as best as possible.
I believe Nancy and helpers will be registering for CCD this Sunday in the fellowship hall. By the way, Alex is working with the CCD team to make sure we have options for the upcoming school year. AT OLM, we may have classes with children physically present, or maybe online, or maybe a combination of both. Alex is working hard to get our technology up to speed. As always, this will take some financial investment, so please do your best to support the parish as best as God allows you.
From tine to time a parishioner asks to use this communication for finding a specific job. I think Isabel (who collaborates in our music ministry) is highly qualified, and so if you know someone who is looking…..
DO YOU NEED A NANNY ? Educator/ Professional NANNY of 14 years’ experience in San Francisco, CA., with outstanding references and letters of recommendations is now here in Madrid looking for the right JOB with these “ideal” conditions: *Monday to Friday. *35 hours a week. (Almost full-time). *Social Security Registration. *In the neighbourhood or easy commute by public transportation. *A good pay. (Negotiable). What you will get from me: *Full dedication, care, respect, love, joy, a lot of patience! *I believe in your child ! and in every child in this world! I help them to believe in themselves. *I teach them values, good manners, awareness/management of their feelings. *Profound feeling of safety and nurturing, while parents are not home. *Perfect Order in playing, reading, singing, outing, napping, eating, drawing, cleaning-up’ toys and books.etc and whatever else mom and dad wants to add up to the list! (all of it, for their appropriate development). *Using positive ways, guidance and reinforcement, so child can be the best he/she can be and keep shining very bright!! MY NAME IS ISABEL, IF YOU NEED ME FOR YOUR CHILD, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT +34 622 323 993. 
Also, some of the people who opened their homes to American students studying abroad have found themselves with empty rooms. The American Universities have experienced a extreme drop in enrolment. So, they have rooms for rent. I know one wonderful lady who is renting a room near Metro Banco de España (about 550-600 Euros a month). If you are interested or know someone who is looking, have them send me an email to: and I will put them in contact with Lidia.
And a good groaner to make you smile:
The devil told the pope, “No one in the world has a better memory than I do.”

The Pope responded, “Oh! Well I know this Native American guy who has the best memory in the world and I’ll even prove it.”

Then the devil replied, “OK, I’ll take your offer and if I have a better memory I get your soul.”

“It’s a deal” replied the Pope. Then they shook hands to make the deal official.

They went to a remote village in North America. There they met Roaming Bull (the Native American the Pope was talking about).

The devil asked him, “Do you like eggs?”

The Native American replied, “Yes.”

50 years passed. Everyone is still alive and have forgotten about the deal. However the devil remembered the deal and went back to the village and greeted the Native American saying, “How.”

He replied “Scrambled.”