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Well, if it doesn’t snow again (ha ha) we should be able to meet on Sunday for Mass. These next few days should melt some of the snow but as of today we still have quite a bit left.
I imagine all public transport will be working fine by Sunday. If you come in car, the street parking may be difficult as the snow plows have blocked part of the streets. The parking garage next to the church is open. 
Many of you ask for streaming, that is made possible by the generosity of Janet and Alex. If they can make it, we will have it. 
We have had the church heat on 24 hours a day so the pipes won’t freeze and explode. It is working fine.
I received an email from Fatima Colon, the parishioner who has asked for our prayer: She wrote: Right now, I’m in my 3rd month for chemotherapy session. I’m doing well and everything is fine.
We thank God for that! And CJ Muñoz is recovering slowly from her stroke and we keep praying for her.
It has been quite the roller coaster ride lately with the virus and now the snow. I was going to ask: “What next?” but maybe it is best to not say anything.
Keep warm and pray for those suffering from the cold,
Fr. Ron

Short Ones
I told my psychiatrist that I’ve been hearing voices. He said, “Steve. You don’t have a psychiatrist.”

The skinny woman selling ice cream apologized, “Sorry for your weight.”

If vegetarians eat vegetables, then you really have to watch out for humanitarians.

All of the atoms in our bodies were forged in either the Big Bang, or in the hearts of stars. Why don’t we use authentic atoms?

You can make 7 even, by removing the ‘s’.
You can make 6 odd, by removing the ‘s’.
I for one like Roman Numerals.