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First of all, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful First Communion celebration last Sunday. Thanks to the choir, the First Communion children, their parents, their catechists, Nancy, and the ushers and set up people. It was a beautiful celebration and as I promised, no longer than a regular Mass. Thanks to those who gave us the positive feedback. It is appreciated!

This Sunday is the “Second First Communion”. It is a normal Mass, but we invite the First Communion Children to process in and wear their Communion attire if they so choose. Also, there will be complimentary drinks and snacks served after Mass (sorry, pastries not included).

It is Pentecost Sunday and if you wish, wear something red, the color of the Holy Spirit. I will.

It is also the second Sunday of the month, so if you can, please bring some donations of food for the struggling families of OLM if you can. We always need rice (Brillante is a favorite), juices, sunflower oil, and canned meats and tuna.

I want to thank Mersha Mary for stepping and help serving last Sunday. Louise may make jokes about finding coffee volunteers, but we do wish that more people would step up and help. It is really so easy to do.

Look forward to celebrating the Holy Spirit with yo on Sunday,

Fr. Ron

Miniature Golf
It was at a miniature golf course on a brutally hot day when I saw a father with 3 kids.

“Who’s winning?” I asked cheerfully.

“I am,” said one. “No, I am,” said another.

“No,” the father said. “Their mother is!”