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Wow! This Sunday is the last Sunday of the Easter season, Pentecost Sunday.
Last week, less than 50 people came to worship physically at OLM. We had room for 100 more people. Everyone was impressed by the safety measures we had in place. It is still up to you whether or not you feel comfortable coming. There will be some advancements for next Sunday:
1) Alex is working to get a better WIFI connection in the church which will improve the quality of the live stream greatly.
2) Daniel will be playing piano and therefore we will not need to pipe in soundtracks (Thank you Daniel!).
And even though you stay at home, the collection basket will be passed by you via the Paypal link on the web page. see:
If you do come, please:
1) Send an email to and let us know how many are coming.
2) Please wear something red if you are able, it is the color of the Holy Spirit.
I know that some of you choose to remain home, and I will attach some worship aids.
Also, just so you know, our First Communion Children will make their First Reconciliation on Saturday at 5:00 PM! (Yes, physically present at church!! not via Skype)
And Nancy asked if anyone knows of a good secondhand scooter/moto for sale. Her daughter is looking for one. If you know of one, please send her an email at
Please pray for Nancy as well as she will know the results of her biopsy on Friday.
Be safe, the situation is looking better every day. Thank you God!
Sorry for those who scrolled for the joke, it is a real groaner!

Three Ropes
Three ropes walked into a bar to have a beer. One rope excused himself to use the bathroom and the other two went to order beers at the bar.

The bartender leaned over the bar and said,”We don’t serve ropes in here, if you don’t want any trouble you’d better hit the road!” and the two little ropes scurried away. On their way out they bumped into their friend and told him what had happened.

“Don’t worry about a thing.” he said,” Watch this!” and he twisted his top around and fluffed himself out. He sidled up to the bartender and ordered a beer.

The bartender poured the beer, but as he was handing it over he said,” We don’t serve ropes in here….you wouldn’t be a rope would you?”

“Oh no,” said the fluffy rope,”I’m a frayed knot!!”