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I know it is early for this email but I want to send this out early so that we can organize the Pot Luck well. Thanks again to Judy and Janet and Emeka for all their hard work.


Sunday, February 23rd we are bringing back the annual OLM Mardi Gras Potluck! Join us in the fellowship room after mass to enjoy a brunch with food from ALL over the world. (although locally made, we are not shipping it in!)

Please bring a dish to share that can feed between 8-10 people. You can sign up using this Google Form: or  in person with Judy or Janet after mass in the fellowship room.

ALL ARE WELCOME! Food can be sweet or savory, homemade or store bought. Come join the fun and meet other members of the OLM community.  On February 23rd please drop off your dishes in the fellowship room before mass.

Deacon Michael will be preaching on Sunday! We welcome him warmly.

Be blessed!

Fr. Ron



Johnny’s Prayer

Tonight’s subject is prayer. Some people are very proud of the fact that they don’t pray, others are proud of the fact that they do pray. I heard of one family who had some visitors coming to lunch and they wanted to show-off to their visitors how well they had bought up their children and how well their children prayed.

So when it came to lunch they said to their son, Johnny, “Johnny, why don’t you pray?” Johnny looked rather embarrassed and he said, “I can’t.” So, the mother just whispered to him, “Johnny, just say what Daddy said at breakfast.”

So he shut his eyes and said, “Oh God [pause] why do we have to have these awful people over for lunch today?”