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Well, not sure what to tell you about this upcoming Sunday. We (priests and employees of the church) have been going to the church and have not experienced any controls so far. Some people who can walk will surely be able to get to church without any problems. Some parishioners said they will try to make it so I won’t celebrate the Mass alone! Thank you!
I want to remind Eucharistic Ministers to sanitize their hands AFTER they themselves receive Holy Communion. Tell the priest to wait if he forgets. We do forget at times. Sorry.
This Sunday will also be All Souls Sunday. I will keep you updated on the status of the live streaming of the Mass.
I know it is not easy, but let’s keep trusting in God and soon this mess will be over! If the Israelites could have wandered in the desert for 40 years, we can surely survive this desert.
May God keep us all strong and safe,
Fr. Ron

Mealtime Blessing
My four-year-old likes to say the blessing at mealtimes, usually repeating the same short prayer: “Thank you, God, for this gracious food. Amen.”

One evening, however, he thanked the Lord for the birds, the trees, each of his friends, and asked God to watch over his family and help them to be good. I was thrilled that he was finally praying from the heart.

But after the “Amen,” he took a spoonful of stew, gasped, then dropped his spoon into the bowl. “I should have said a longer prayer,” he said. “My food is still too hot.”