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This email comes a little early because I have a lot of Lenten news and want to talk about the dreaded Coronavirus.

First the news:

On Sunday: Food collection for the struggling families of our parish (and every Sunday in Lent). Please bring your donations of sunflower oil, canned meats, tuna, and vegetables, milk, juice and parboiled rice to the altar area at offertory time. 

On Sunday: Children’s Mass: level 5 (Teacher Elizabeth and assistants Mariola and Sr. Esther)


On Sunday: CCD!

On Sunday:  Mass intention for Ellen Thompson on the first anniversary of her death, remembered by her son Donal. 


We also pray for Marcel who lost his father Adolphis in Nigeria recently.



OLM Young Adult Ministry:! Sunday, March 8th – March Monthly YAM Meeting Join us to talk about Lent!


Lenten Activities


Thanks to the initiative of our Verbum Dei seminarians, we are pleased to offer some Lenten talks to help parishioners to deepen their experience of the Lenten Season, as a way of preparation for the Holy Week and consequently Easter.

Guest Speakers: Priests, brothers and sisters of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity, most of whom are professors of Scripture, Dogma and Pastoral Theology at the Saint Paul, Apostle’ Theological Institute, affiliated to the Pontifical Urban University, Rome.


Time: Every Monday; 18hrs – 19:30hrs.

Monday March 9th Pope’s Lenten Letter 2020 Fr Ramiro Gallo
Monday March 16th He made himself Vulnerable for us. Sr. Angela Reddemman
Monday March 23rd *To be determined Fr. Joseph Atangana
Monday March 30th I have come that you may have life. (Jn 10:10) Br. William Muh


Carmen Rodríguez is also organizing the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to do a Food Drive for the struggling families of Our Lady of Mercy. The food will be accepted and blessed on March 29th.


Annual Lenten Day of spirituality: Saturday, March 21 from 10:00-13:00 (More information to come soon)


The Dreaded Coronavirus

Resultado de imagen de covid19


There is a lot of fear from the unknown out there. Our Lady of Mercy did not take any special precautions last Sunday because the risk of getting the Virus was practically non-existent. 

As this week progresses, we will see how much the disease is spreading, and if it is propagating quickly we will take measures for the following Sundays.

If you are sick with any cold or flu, do NOT come to church. That is a golden rule.

If we need to, we will temporarily stop the shaking of hands at the sign of peace and remove the cup.

You always have your choice NOT to take from the cup.

It is recommended that you receive Holy Communion in the hand.

You can always smile and nod your head at the sign of peace.

We probably will not hold hands at the Our Father for a while.

If things worsen, we will make announcements at Mass. For now, please know that you will never be put at risk at OLM.

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