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Hello again,
How are you holding up? Finally the warm weather has returned to Madrid, but even so, there are still some small heaps of snow that have not completely melted yet! That has to be a record!
I was happy to see that we had over 300 views of our Mass last Sunday on Youtube! Thanks for joining us and to others for recommending us on Facebook. Alex and Janet work diligently every Sunday to get everything up and running. What would we do without them?  
Here is the OLM Youtube channel: please click here to see previous masses (and other content).
Our Lady of Mercy Madrid – YouTube 

On  February 3rd, we will have a Parish Council meeting (By zoom). If you have any concerns, please speak to any parish council member.
As we continue to struggle with the COVID19 crisis, we continue to ask God for the strength to carry on. God reminds us to listen to His Son in this Sunday’s readings. Good advice!
I really don’t have much more news. Pray for Fr. Sebastian as he plans on going to India in February, but these are crazy times. Hopefully he will be able to make the trip. 
The snow and snowplows really took their toll on the roads – so I think the joke is a good one!
Be safe and enjoy the nicer weather!
Fr. Ron

The road by my house was in bad condition. Every day I dodged potholes on the way to work, so I was relieved to see a construction crew working on the road one morning.

Later, on my way home, I noticed the men were gone and no improvement in the road. But where the crew had been working stood a new, bright-yellow sign with the words “Rough Road.”
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