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On Sunday, you are invited to meet you children’s CCD teachers. Meet the wonderful volunteers who dedicate their time in preparing and teaching your children about our faith. They are giving your children the best gift possible! We hope you can take a few minutes just to say hello and meet them!
Great News! All the children from the Nazaret Association will have a Christmas gift thanks to the generosity of OLM Parishioners, Hastings School and Aquinas School! You did good!
Most parishes see record crowds at their Christmas Masses. At OLM, we also have a record number of people at our Christmas Eve service but not so many faithful at the Christmas day Mass. The reason that the Christmas Eve Mass is so full is that many people come from all around Madrid to enjoy the Children’s Christmas Pageant, the beautiful international Christmas Carols, and it is very popular with the Spanish, because it is a bilingual service. The only challenge is that the collection that day is shared with our sister parish San Dámaso and the once a year visitors are not as inclined to be as generous as our faithful and fully committed parishioners.
            So, we remind you once again that OLM always runs in a deficit every year and that we can only make ends meet by the generosity of foundation that believes firmly in our viability. If you will not be here for Christmas, would you consider making a TRUE Christmas donation before you leave for your travels? Please used the envelope that we will make available on Sunday and support the parish that supports you. Thank you and may God bless you for generosity and understanding.
Important Dates:
Penance Service on Tuesday December 17 at 6:00 PM. There will be a simple service in Spanish that begins at 6:00 PM and then a time for individual confessions. There will be a English-speaking priests available to hear your confession in English.
December 24th, Christmas High Mass! This is our main event:
We start at 5:30 PM with Christmas Carols lead by the combined choirs of Our Lady of Mercy and San Dámaso.
The bilingual Christmas Mass begins at 6:30 PM and lasts one hour.
The children will do a dramatic presentation of the Gospel (The Annual Children’s Christmas Pageant).
On December 25th, we celebrate a calmer more meditative Mass at 11:00 AM, all in English.
Be blessed and see you on Sunday!
Fr. Ron

Watching a Rocket
A couple of birds were watching a rocket take off from Kennedy Space Center.

“Wow,” said one, “look how fast he flies.”

The other replied, “You’d fly like that too it your tail was on fire.”