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Hello again,

As promised, I am going to start up the weekly emails again. I hope you had a nice summer and are hopeful for the future. May God bless you this coming school year!

CCD registration available on Sunday after Mass.

On Sunday, we will accept your gifts of food for the struggling parishioners of the parish. As always, milk, juices, rice, sunflower oil and canned goods are most welcome.

The Mass intentions will be for Elke’s father Siegfried and Delories’s father Alden. They will dedicate a special hymn to them on Sunday. The announcement sheet will explain what a Mass Intention is if you have some doubt on the matter.

Please remember to join in with the choir on Sunday. It is so ANTI-worship to see people not even pick up a hymnal. I know we have some Spanish people that don’t understand English but the rest of us should do our best and participate for God. 

The new OLM web site is almost ready to be uploaded. Will keep you posted on when this happens! Thank you Lucille for your great work!

Also, please welcome as best as possible new parishioners. We want all to feel welcome at OLM! Thank you!

See you on Sunday, Fr. Ron

Severe Thunderstorm

A passenger jet was suffering through a severe thunderstorm. As the passengers were being bounced around by the turbulence, a young woman turned to a priest sitting next to her and with a nervous laugh asked, “Reverend, you’re a man of God. Can’t you do something about this storm?”

To which he replied, “Lady, I’m in sales, not management.”