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Hello Everyone,
I returned yesterday to Madrid. Thank you for your emails and promises of prayers, they gave me consolation during the difficult moments. In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am grateful that I could have travelled to have celebrated the funeral Mass of my dear mother. It is during these difficult and painful moments that we are reminded of the importance of family.
I will return to the church this Saturday evening to catch up on things and I will see some of you tomorrow at Mass. The Church’s neighborhood is no longer restricted, so those who wish to, may join us physically at Eucharist.
The parish council is struggling to find the best solution of how to celebrate Christmas this year at Our Lady of Mercy. As you may or may not know, we had over 700 people squeezed into our church last year. This year will be drastically different. Please pray that God may inspire us to make the decision possible.
Next week, there will be an 11:00 AM Mass in English on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. (December 8). A Seminarian should be present to give his vocation reflection and the collection will be sent to the Seminary of Madrid.
I will probably have more news soon. I just wanted to let you know I have returned and thank you for your prayers.
God bless you,
Fr. Ron

Spy vs Spy
A college graduate applied for a job as an industrial spy. Together with several other applicants, he was given a sealed envelope and told to take it to the fourth floor.

As soon as the young man was alone, he stepped into an empty hallway and opened the packet. Inside, a message read: “You’re our kind of person. Report to the fifth floor.”