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Hello again,
Sometimes when I write these emails I tap very “lightly” on the keyboard because this world is changing constantly! In all of our Masses last Sunday (Spanish and English), we had amazingly good crowds, some of the best since we reopened, but we did not pass the legal limit. It is obvious to me that people are reaching out to God in this time of crisis.
Fr. Michael was to preside last Sunday in English, but had to take precautionary measures because some Jesuits in his community tested positive (He himself tested negative). He is in self isolation until the required numbers of days pass. So I was with you last Sunday. It was a beautiful Mass! This Sunday I have to be with the Spanish parish so you will have Fr. Sebastian as your presider. Every priest I know loves to preside in Masses in English because you are a great community! Please welcome him warmly!
We were going to live stream the Mass last week, but someone in last Saturday’s wedding inadvertently picked up one of our cables. So there was a glitch. We do hope to get that up and running soon. Always check the web site to see if the Mass was recorded or not and be assured that Alex is doing his best (he is wearing many hats these days).
I have been forgetting to mention our monthly food collection for struggling families. Sorry about that. One of our great parishioners, decided on her own to purchase quite a huge quantity of basic food products and delivered them to the church yesterday! I may have forgotten but the Holy Spirit touched the heart of a good soul. Thank you DT! If everyone wants to donate food to our pantry, you can bring it any Sunday (or any day for that matter).
The government is reviewing the state of emergency in Madrid and also talking about taking new stronger measures. I was dismayed to see a possible “Prohibition against singing in Mass”. It is rather silly because there is no difference between singing softly and speaking softly. At least in my mind. Maybe the government representatives go to Masses where all the Catholics are singing their hearts out?? Hmmmmm. I have not seen that in Spain. So, if we can still sing, let’s sing with a normal speaking volume, OK? I still laugh at how much distance we have in church but are still allowed to sit next to a complete stranger in the bus or metro….Guess we shouldn’t think too much, right?
Someone asked how we are going to do our annual All Souls Mass on the first Sunday of November. Usually we have envelopes where you can write people’s names and include your donation. They say we can’t pass them out.  I think the best way to do it would be to make a donation directly to the church account and put in the concept. ” All Souls – The X’s  family deceased friends and family members.” (Where “X” , of course, is your surname) Or just give me an envelope to me at church.
Account holder:
Bank Details: IBAN: ES07.0186.5001.64.0511473809
Bank Name: Banco Mediolanum
OK, this is longer than I wanted, I will close with a funny, because we need to keep our sense of humour and our faith! Hang in there. If something big changes, I will write again.
Be blessed,
Fr. Ron

Hearing Request
During a revival meeting, an evangelist asked the people in line what they needed.

One man’s request was for his hearing. The evangelist spit on his finger, put it in the man’s ear, prayed for him and then asked him, “How’s your hearing now?”

He said, “I don’t know – it’s next Tuesday.”