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Hello again,

This Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, it officially marks the end of the Christmas season. The children are back in school and the Christmas decorations are packed up and put away for another year. Hopefully, we were touched by the Christmas message so that we can move forward with hope, in spite of a world that suffers on so many levels.

Our Lady of Mercy returns to its normal Sunday schedule. CCD starts up anew, Adult Faith Formation is meeting, RCIA meets, there is fellowship after Mass, and the Young Adult Group will also be meeting  and the topic will be: Catholic New Year’s Resolutions

I also think that William is back from Cameroon, and the youth group should be meeting. We pray his father is recovering from the stroke.
Once again, a big thank you to the many volunteers who stepped up to keep OLM a vibrant and thriving parish. We thank God for our church!
May your New Year be blessed with peace and success,
Fr. Ron
PS Do you use the gift of time well?

Strange Problem
A young man, fresh out of college, went to see his doctor one day.

“Doc, there’s something wrong with me. Every time I stand in a baby’s high chair and face southwest, and then touch my tongue to a piece of aluminum foil that’s wrapped around an acorn, I get a strange tingle in my big toe. Can you tell me what the problem is?”

“Sure!” The doctor said. “You have way too much time on your hands!”