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The month of August is always quiet. This year it is stranger because of you know what! I just want to thank all our ministers for their participation last Sunday, we had a first class Mass. The music was awesome, and I found myself hearing the new Gloria echoing in my head and heart all throughout the week. An easy inspiration to pray!
This Sunday Fr. Michael will be taking care of you. I will be around but I have Spanish Mass. You will see me. In August, I have had double Masses but now that Fr. Michael is back after some days of rest, we will take him up on his offer to help. He really feels that OLM is his family and looks forward to exercising his newly ordained priestly ministry with us! Let us elcome him.
Still no coffee after Mass because of you know what. (I get sick of hearing and saying its name!)
Be blessed!
A kindergarten teacher handed out a coloring page to her class. On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella.

The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green. However, Rian, who always does things HIS way, colored the duck in a bright fire truck red.

After seeing this, the teacher asked him: “Rian, how many times have you seen a red duck?”

Young Rian replied with “The same number of times I’ve seen a duck holding an umbrella.”