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The Young Adult Group of OLM has now become the Young Adult Ministry at OLM. This update was suggested by Janet in our last parish council meeting. The reason being is that it is really more than a group, it is a ministry that helps young adults come closer to Christ and the Gospel. Following the same logic, the choir is no longer going to be called a choir but instead the music ministers at OLM. Our words are important and we want to choose the most appropriate ones to express what we really are and what we really aim to be. This Sunday the YAM group meets after Mass and they will share their favourite saints.
Also on Sunday: William, a seminarian will meet with interested youth from ages 15 to 18 to at 12:00 in the office area (The past few weeks we announced 11:00 AM and that was an error. Sorry for the confusion)
This Sunday is All Souls Sunday
A few years back OLM began the tradition of dedicating the Sunday closest to the celebration of All Souls, as the Sunday that OLM parishioners can remember their deceased loved ones at Mass. Fr. Ron will read out all the names during the Eucharistic prayer. May they rest in peace.
The children’s Mass is moved to Novermber 10 because of the long weekend this week end .
A courier was travelling across country on a horse. He was in a hurry and rode the horse too hard, so it foundered. Needing to continue on his journey, he went up to a nearby farm and asked the farmer if he could buy a horse.

“The only horse I have is this one,” the farmer said.

“Fine, I’ll take it,” the courier replied and jumped on the horse’s back.

The rather religious farmer told the courier how to control the horse. “Say ‘Praise the Lord’ to get the horse to go and ‘Amen’ to get it to stop.”

So with a quick “Praise the Lord,” the courier was on his way. He made good time, and his mind wandered as the countryside flew by. Looking up after a while, the courier realized that a cliff was coming up, but the horse was showing no indication of slowing down. He began to panic as the cliff loomed closer, and he found he could not remember the command to stop the horse. In a real fright, the courier prayed earnestly for a reminder, and finished his prayer with “Amen.”

The horse came to a screeching halt at the edge of the cliff. Looking down over the edge, the relieved courier exclaimed loudly, “Praise the Lord!”