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1) Following the long tradition of the Catholic Church, a priest may offer a Mass for a specific
intention. There are two common types of intentions. One is for someone who has died and
the other kind is simply for the intentions of a family member, friend, or loved one. A
common intention is a Mass of thanksgiving.
2) The parish priest must, by Church law, offer one Sunday Mass for the parish community. In
addition, if a priest is celebrating a wedding, the intention would naturally be for the bride
and groom.
3) For weekday Masses, you may request a special Mass intention.
4) If you would like to request a Mass intention, this is how you may do so:
a) See Fr. Ron personally and tell him you wish a special mass intention. Give him the information indicated in the sample form.
b) Choose the date, if no specific date is important to you, write “whenever possible” on
the envelope.
c) Write down the number of Masses you wish to offer.
d) Insert your donation into an envelope and close the envelope. Write the name and
date requested on the envelope.
e) By request, Fr. Ron will give you a card which can be sent to the person for whom
you wish to know that a Mass intention will be celebrated.

Please do not request Masses by email or telephone, please use this form. Many people request Mass
intentions months in advance. Ideally, we would have only one intention per Mass.
Many people ask for special prayer requests to be read at Mass. These are NOT Mass intentions. We
specifically leave a time of silence for personal intentions. If you wish your intention to be read
aloud, use the Mass intention request form below.


Sample Form:

Mass intention for:______________________________________________ (RIP)
For the Intentions of : ___________________________________________

Date Requested:
Alternate Date:
Additional information: