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Hello again,
It feels like winter already, doesn’t it? It is certainly good weather to go to church, right?
First of all, don’t forget that we get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night because it is the end of daylight saving’s time. Put your clocks back one our before going to bed on Saturday night. This used to be a confusing time for people but now cell phones remind everyone. But just in case….
CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEB SITE DESIGN:   Thank you Lucille for your amazing work!
Richard is the leader of this group. He prepares the discussion topics that are based on our Catholic Faith. He takes on a variety of subject matters and helps us to stretch our Catholic mindset by looking at our Jewish roots and comparing our faith traditions with other traditions. The classes are interesting and informative. This is not a traditional Bible study. Why not check it out and see if it is your cup of tea? The group meets in Room 10 every Sunday after Mass when CCD meets.
Please pray for Ivan who is in palliative care. We also pray for Susana and her little girls.
Some news about upcoming events:
Friday November 1 is the Feast of all Saints. It is a Holy Day of obligation and a civil holiday in Spain. Due to very low turnouts in previous years, there will be no Mass in English. Please attend the Spanish parish of your choice.
A reminder: All Souls Sunday. November 3
A few years back OLM began the tradition of dedicating the Sunday closest to the celebration of All Souls, as the Sunday that OLM parishioners can remember their deceased loved ones at Mass. Fr. Ron will read out all the names during the Eucharistic prayer. If you are interested in participating, please try to get your special envelope back to Fr. Ron on Sunday. Please write with block letters so he can read their names well. Also, try to avoid last minute requests.  Please, please, please, no requests by email. Use the envelope found on the back table by the gifts of bread and wine. May they rest in peace.
On November 10, María Vallejo-Nágera will visit our parish. She is a well-known Spanish author who has written a number of books. One of her best sellers “Badlands” speaks profoundly of the pain of abortion. She has donated a significant number of books to OLM (all in English) and she will be available to sign them and answer your questions after Mass on Sunday November 10 at 12:00 in one of the classrooms. Please make sure to mark your calendars.

Shampoo Received from Becky Day.

I always used my shampoo to wash the rest of my body while in the shower. It was just easier to lather up my hair and use the extra suds on my body instead of soap.

Then I saw the words printed on my shampoo bottle “for extra volume and fullness.” No wonder why I can’t lose weight!

Now I’m using my dish soap in the shower. It’s guaranteed to remove fat and other unwanted deposits that other soaps leave behind!

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