Isn’t it nice to finally hear more promising news about the pandemic? Let’s keep praying that infections go down and the vaccines are safe and effective! So far, so good! 
The parents of the CCD have been informed that some of our classes will meet presentially the next 3 Sundays. Of course, the children will follow all the safety protocols.  It will be nice to have the children back.
    The OLM Prayer Group will have its next meeting on Tuesday May 25th at 8pm. If you would like to participate or send us a prayer intention, please contact us at 
This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday and marks the end of the Easter Season. In the past, we invited people to wear something red, the color of the Holy Spirit. Feel free to do so! Fr. Ron will preside and preach.
Parishioner Fatima was with us last Sunday. She thanked OLM for our prayers during her chemotherapy treatment. She has another tumor and will have surgery scheduled soon, so we will once again be including her in our prayers. May she be blessed with healing.
I think that is all for now, enjoy the beautiful Madrid sunshine!!!
God bless you,
Fr. Ron

Accountant, an Engineer and a Statistician
An accountant, an engineer and a statistician were interviewing for a job. Each of them were asked the same question at the conclusion of the interview: “What is 4 x 5?”

The engineer replied 20 with a 100% certainty factor and 0% tolerance.

The statistician answered that the sample size was too small to make any reliable conclusions.

The accountant looked around, leaned over the desk, and in a whisper asked, “What do you need it to be?”
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