The Crafts Circle: a joint, charitable initiative between OLM and San Dámaso.

What do we do?
Craft for Charity. Indulge in fun Christmas projects. Make new friends. Have fun. Share a coffee/beverage and chat crafts and Christ.

Some of the articles we will learn to make, include, but are not limited to:
– Tree ornaments
– Crib figurines
– Baby Blankets
– Scarves
– Beanies
– Gloves
Clothing and Blankets will be donated to Caritas and The Giving Tree project.  [Caritas has currently asked for 12-15(adult size) and 8 (kids size) hats and scarves  (unisex)]
Ornaments/Figurines will be sold and funds given to the Good Neighbour Fund.
Alternatively, you can keep them for yourself or gift them to someone you know.
What will you need?
  • Knitting: Yarn + Knitting needles (chop sticks or pencils will also do)
  • Crochet: Yarn + Crochet hook.

Suggestion: Borrow or try thrift stores for cheap alternatives until you find your craft.

Where can I learn the basics?

Catch up with us in the Fellowship room, Gabi is available every Sunday (look out for the big black violin case she carries)
Learn from YouTube at your own pace (links below).
Ask a friend… crafts are a great way of fostering new relationships.
To get started, here are some simple ornament patterns:  

– Knit 
– Crochet
If you have Question / Doubts:
Meet us in the Fellowship Room on Sunday after the English mass.
– Gabi, easily identifiable by the violin case, will be available to clear doubts on crochet until 12:30.
– Looking for volunteers for knitting questions.
– We have a WhatsApp group for those who want to join it, it’s not mandatory, but it might be easier for question and such, send an email to with your number and a request to be included.
– Yarn: Brand Drops (mainly because of price)
– Support local stores, a mercería will have everything you need 
– We are in the process of setting up a supplies room in OLM. If you have excess supplies and want to share it out, please let us know.
How can you get involved if you can’t knit or crochet?
Donate yarn and supplies or funds for yarn and other supplies.
Spread the word … talk about the circle so others can join or donate.
Volunteer to teach a craft you are good at.
Join us and learn a new skill. 
Here are some videos to get you started:
Knitting for beginners:
Crocheting for beginners:
(the crochet patterns I attached don’t have very complicated stitches, you should be fine learning just the basics)

Knitting techniques (beyond the basics):
Send your questions and suggestions to

More crochet patterns: