Each year the OLM parish collaborates with Asociación Nazaret to help children of lesser means have a happier Christmas.

The tradition is to pick a name from the Giving Tree and buy a present for the child.
This year, due to the pandemic, the process is slightly different, but our intention to help these kids is as strong as ever.
Please sign up to the Giving tree project and make Christmas happier for these children!
Advent Calendars are used by several families as a countdown to Christmas. Each day the door corresponding to the date is opened and a the recipient receives a surprise gift. At OLM we try to do it differently. Each day of Advent, instead of receiving a gift, we give a gift. We collect one small item each day and gift it to the families of our parish via the Good Neighbour Fund / Caritas.
To find a list of items that can be gifted, please click here.
Note: Earlier attempts at this initiative have taught us that it’s difficult to carry everything to church on the last day. We suggest using a shopping trolley or dropping your gifts off on a weekly basis.