For the past 8 years, Fr. Ron has endeavored to provide for two important moments of reconciliation. We have invited from 6 to 8 priests to join us on the 3rd Sunday of Advent and on the 4th Sunday of Lent in order to provide everyone an easy opportunity to celebrate this wonderful and joyful sacrament. The parish has been known to make good use of these two special times, with almost one half of the parish being reconciled to the Lord.

Although at present there is only one priest, Fr. Ron will listen to your confession on Sunday after Mass. He only asks that you be patient and wait until after he greets the people. Fr. Ron will stay as long as necessary on Sunday in order to make sure that everyone feels that they have access to the sacrament.

There is also a Spanish priest, Fr. Fran, who will be willing to hear confessions during our 11:00 Mass time.

You have another option as well. You may simply make an appointment with Fr. Ron and he will meet you during the week.

There are times when an English-speaking priest is visiting the parish. Please do not hesitate to ask him to hear your confession.


Fr. Ron and the Parish Council of OLM take great care that the children, especially those preparing for their First Holy Communion, are able to have a positive experience of Penance. The First Confession Service is usually scheduled one month before First Communion and Fr. Ron celebrates this service himself alone as he wants to ensure that every child walks away with a joyous heart. The confessions are face to face and never too far from the affirming smile of a parent.