OLM Privacy Policy

Video taping

The Parish Council passed a resolution protecting your privacy. No one is allowed to video tape you during Mass. If someone does not respect this policy, please gently remind them or look to any parish council member to assist you.

This website

Photos are occasionally posted on the web. People who appear in this website may or may not belong to this parish. They may have simply happened to be there when the photograph was taken for the web. If you would like a photo removed because you or your family appear in it, please contact Fr. Ron and he will remove it ASAP. His email is: olm@ourladyofmercy.info


Algunas personas que aparecen en este sitio web pueden pertenecer a la parroquia o, sin formar parte de la misma, pueden haberse encontrado allí de forma accidental en el momento de hacer la fotografía para la web. Si alguna de las personas cuya fotografía aparece en la página web quiere que la misma se retire, por favor se lo comunique por escrito a la parroquia: olm@ourladyofmercy.info