Infant Baptism

One of the most joyous events for a Catholic family is the celebration of the baptism of their new child. OLM celebrates baptisms both privately and publicly at our 11:00 Mass.

The private celebrations are often bilingual and many times the babies are children of parents who were married by our parish priest, Fr. Ron. The baptisms must be scheduled through the parish office and there are many times available in which you may schedule this beautiful sacrament.

The communal celebrations of baptism usually take place during our monthly children's Mass. The children love to gather around the baptismal font in order to witness the actual "christening" of the baby. The first part of the baptism is celebrated before Mass begins so that the Sunday service does not become excessively long.

Our parish's mission is to serve the English-speaking Catholic faithful of Madrid. We limit the celebration of baptisms to those who have some connection to Madrid, and ideally, to the parish. If you are not a registered parishioner, you will have to explain why you wish to celebrate this sacred and important event at OLM. It really makes no sense for non-practicing Catholics to baptize their children as they must make a commitment to raise their child in the ways of the faith. Sometimes people slip away from the practice of their faith and the baptism of their child becomes an opportunity to reconnect to the Church.

Currently we have two methods of baptismal preparation, one is a very nice DVD video course and the other method is a catechetical explanation of all the parts of the baptism by the priest. This does extend the ceremony to about 40 minutes but the feedback has been very positive because many Catholics enjoy a "refresher course" of some basic elements of our faith.

At OLM, we strive to make these celebrations memorable and joyful occasion.

If you live in Madrid, you should NOT email a request for baptism; you should go to church one Sunday and introduce yourself to the priest. We prefer a more human and personal communication at OLM.