After Mass Coffee Fellowship

A strong and unified community is at the heart of any successful parish. At OLM, we gather after every Sunday liturgy in order to share conversation, friendship, and something light to eat and drink. We serve coffee, tea, soft drinks, hot chocolate and, yes, of course, DONUTS!

The children usually grab a quick snack then go to their CCD class while their parents mingle on our outside patio. We enclose the patio and add heaters during the colder winter months so as to make sure fellowship can always take place. We have an extensive number of volunteers who pick up the donuts and serve the drinks. We expect that all parents of children in catechesis take their turn in helping with the fellowship.

During the year we have pot luck meals, bake sales, and bring a plate to share with others. We have small parties after the First Communion, Confirmation, and other important events. Our fellowship coordinator, Michele Martorell does an incredible job in pulling us all together.

There is a great spirit after Mass too at OLM, we hope you will come and share a coffee with us. All are welcome!

If you would like to volunteer for this service, please contact Michele by email at