Charismatic Prayer Group

Charismatic Mass

Every Saturday at 18:00 a group of very dedicated and Spirit-filled Christians gather in our parish rooms in order to praise the Lord. The prayer usually lasts until 20:00. The OLM Charismatic Prayer Group is based upon the principles of the Charismatic Renewal. The group also has ties to the local association of Spanish Charismatics.

What is it like?

It is quite lively to say the least! There is Bible study, preaching by the lay members, spontaneous and spirit-filled prayer, including the speaking in tongues. The group is open to everyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The majority of the members are currently from African countries but all are welcome.

The second Sunday of each month, the Charismatic group members sponsor a Saturday Vigil Mass in which they act as readers, servers, and ushers. This Mass takes place in the small chapel. The atmosphere of this Mass is much more open and lively, especially the beautiful singing of the charismatic choir.

If you would like more information about this prayer group, please contact David Franklin, the servant leader of the group at 34-627-046-056.