Bible Study

Every Sunday, about 12 people gather together in the pastor's office after Mass and study prayerfully the Sunday readings. We have been blessed at OLM to have an English-speaking Jesuit that facilitates and guides our study. Every other week, the Bible study is under the direction of Rev. James O'Leary, SJ. He is the professor of Theology at St.Louis University, an American University located in Madrid. On alternate weeks, parishioner Richard Rzepczyk leads the group in a study of biblical history.

Discussion about BibleBible Study in Fr.Ron's Office after Mass

If you wish to attend our Bible Study, simply show up at Fr. Ron's office at 12.15. You may also speak to Blanca Castro (91-570-8248), the coordinator of the group, if you would like more information.

At times people request a Bible in English. We have some copies available and ask you make a small donation to cover the cost of shipping them here from the United States. We also give Bibles away with no cost to immigrants and others who are struggling.

If you would like a Bible, see:

Fr. Ron or David Franklin.